Kaitley Congdon


Hometown: Gainesville, Ga. Major: Criminal Justice. Minor: Chemistry. Why CMT?: I wanted to be President because I wanted to be able to help the chapter grow but also help myself grow as a person and as a leader. I wanted to be able to give to the chapter as well. I want to help everyone feel welcomed and know that they will always have a person in their corner. Favorite part about her position: I really love my position, but my two favorites parts of my position is being able to see the chapter grow as a whole and seeing individuals grow as leaders. Lastly, being able to meet everyone in the chapter and getting to know everyone on a deeper level.

Ansley Talafous

VP: Social Standards

Hometown: Cleveland, GA Major: Middle Grades Education Why CMT?: Favorite part about her position:

Elizabeth Seidita

VP: Finance

Hometown: Loganville, GA Major: Why CMT?: Favorite part about her position:

Brenna McGloin

VP: Communications

Hometown: Johns Creek, Ga Major: History Minor: Sociology Why CMT?: I want to serve this chapter and help my sisters grow into the best versions of themselves! I am excited to help my chapter grow and reach new possibilities Favorite part about her position: Making the Anchorline to communicate with my sisters. I also enjoy working with my directors to help improve the chapter

Kayla Phinith

VP: Programming

Hometown: Macon, Ga Major: Exercise Science/Psychology Why CMT?: I choose CMT because I wanted to take on a bigger leadership role than I previously had on JCMT. I love this sorority, and I want to help grow this chapter through my skills and abilities to make it the best it can be! While doing so, I know that I will grow as a leader, a person, and a better friend for everyone. Favorite part about her position: My favorite thing about my position is I get to plan Founder’s Day and Chapter Retreat. I love planning events and having fun with my sisters. I think building the bonds and friendships in this chapter makes us stronger as a whole, so I’m SO excited to plan these big events for everyone!

Whitney Wallace

VP: Member Education

Hometown: LaGrange, Ga Major: English Literature Why CMT?: I wanted to serve on Delta Gamma's Chapter Management Team as VP Member Education because the women of Eta Chi inspire me every single day to become the best version of myself. I want to continue to build an environment that is anchored in love, friendship, and kindness for Member Class 2022 because they are the future of our chapter. Favorite part about her position: My favorite thing about my position is planning bid day and showing the new members just how sweet our sisterhood is!

Bella LoMonaco

VP: Membership

Hometown: Peachtree City, Ga Major: Nursing Why CMT?: I wanted to become a member of CMT because of the passion I see in our chapter and the opportunity to further our growth! Recruitment is my favorite time of year and I’m so excited to get to play a big role in the process next fall! Favorite part about her position: Getting to creatively uplift my sisters in their membership and lead each other in being the best versions of ourselves as sorority women.


VP: Panhellenic

Hometown: Major: Minor: Why CMT?: Favorite part about her position:

Alexis Gaines

VP: Foundation

Hometown: Cumming, Ga Major: Criminal Justice Why CMT?: I’m so excited to be part of CMT this year!! I love being part of this wonderful sorority and our philanthropy Service for Sight. When I first joined DG, I knew I wanted to have a position that worked with our philanthropy. I was part of the foundation team last year as the director of fundraising, which made me realize I wanted to continue working on this team as the VP Foundation. Favorite part about her position: I get to work alongside some of my favorite people while helping raise money for our philanthropy.