Ansley Talafous


Hometown: Cleveland, GA Major: Middle Grades Education Why CMT: I wanted to serve as a member of CMT to give back to our chapter and help see it grow. I wanted to collaborate with all my sisters so that I can help pour into every amazing and special part that Eta Chi has to offer. The women of Eta Chi inspire me every day and allow me and others to be our most authentic selves and I want to continue building that environment! So many reasons why, but I am forever grateful for this opportunity! Favorite part about her position::I love seeing the impact that Delta Gamma has on our members! Being able to see my sisters grow in friendships, education, leadership, and service makes it worth it all!

Brenna McGloin

VP: Social Standards

Hometown: Johns Creek, GA Major: Business Management Why CMT: I wanted to be on CMT because I love my sisters and I want to help this chapter grow into the best thing it can be! Favorite part about her position: I love that I get to see the inside of the chapter and help those that need it in different ways! I also love working my directors to plan fun events for the chapter!

Charlotte Middlebrooks

VP: Finance

Hometown: Cumming, GA Major: Art, Studio Art Concentration Why CMT: Delta Gamma has gifted me so much and, through CMT, I have the opportunity to give back by contributing my skills and enthusiasm into bettering my chapter. Favorite part about her position: VP Finance is a perfect blend of utilizing technical skills and collaborating with my sisters in order to execute all of Eta Chi’s events! This position has been a bunch of fun and I am learning so much about my chapter and myself.

Abbie Reynolds

VP: Communications

Hometown: Augusta, GA Major: Nursing Why CMT: Being apart of Delta Gamma has given me so many wonderful opportunities, and one of the best opportunities that is offered is the ability to improve. Being in CMT has allowed me to grow as an individual and as a leader. Favorite part about her position: I love helping all of my directors with their ideas and goals! I also have a lot of fun making our weekly newsletter.

Christina Riecke

VP: Programming

Hometown: Cape Coral, FL Major: Biology Why CMT: I ran for a position on CMT because I am passionate about allowing our members to have the best experience possible in Delta Gamma. I have watched this chapter grow so much over the last three years and I am so excited to serve my members this year! Favorite part about her position: I really enjoy the creativity of my position. I love being able to plan some of our members favorite events of the year such as Founders Day and chapter retreat. I also love overseeing the calendar and giving our members the most up to date form of communication possible so they know all of the dates coming up! Also, Shout out to my directors for being so amazing!

Jennifer Martin

VP: Member Education

Hometown: Milton, GA Major: Mass Communications Why CMT: I have always been interested in leadership and I love taking any opportunity to become more involved. I love this chapter so much and I wanted to be able to give back through leadership and show how much eta chi truly means to me!! Favorite part about her position: I love that I get to teach all of my sisters about all things dg!!! I’m so excited to help lead our newest members and help give them the best college experience they can get! I also love that I get help with rituals to keep us tied to our routes and remember the true meaning of sisterhood <3

Megan Shekell

VP: Membership

Hometown: Grayson, Ga Major: Biology Minor: Spanish Language and Culture Why CMT: I love DG and all the girls in it. For my position, I wanted to bring in more girls to be a part of this organization and, love it the same way I do. I chose to be Vp: Membership because I enjoyed going through recruitment when I was a PNM and appreciated the detail and effort put forward during recruitment. When I became a recruiter I had a chance to be on the other side of the recruitment process and, loved being able to tell PNM'S why DG was the best choice for me, it inspired me to have a bigger role within the recruitment process. Favorite part about her position: I love being able to see my chapter collaborate with each other, and work together to bring in more girls to our sisterhood. I really enjoy being able to lead our chapter and, be able to showcase what our chapter is about.

Gracie Bratcher

VP: Foundation

Hometown: Brunswick, GA Major: Middle Grades Education Why CMT: Delta Gamma has given me such a sense of belonging that I want to spread that further not only to my current sisters but to future sisters, students on campus, and people in the community. Favorite part about her position: One thing I love about my position is that I get to work closely with my fellow sisters and others on campus to plan fun events such as Anchor Jam and our Spring Fundraiser.